2 thoughts on “Jo Bird

  1. Lovely explanation and address to the issue of non-widespread anti Semitism in Labour. Fancy suspending Jo for that. That was a real witch-hunt. That is what Margaret Hodge does and has done to the Labour Party and to Jeremy and thus, loses the chance to fight racism and genuine anti Semitism. The hatred shown by Margaret Hodge is beyond the pale. I hope the Equality Commission gets to see this.


  2. Jo Bird comes across as such a lovely woman. I love the honesty.

    How can the dishonest smear of antisemitism being rife in the Labour party be reversed in the country? How do we get past the main stream media/establishment who are doing everything they can to ensure Labour don’t get back in office?
    It’s very difficult for me to say that we live in a democracy when we have a media that is mainly right wing because unfortunately the general population seem to wait to be told what their opinions are about to be by the media because they don’t have time or the inclination to research the facts and look deeper themselves.

    I’m so disillusioned but I don’t know what to do about it.


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